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Neurocare for Everyone.

1 in 6 of world’s population suffer from neurological disorders. Yet, very few have access to a neurologist.
We are on a mission to democratize the access of neurological care and awareness across the globe through technology.


AI-assisted neurological exams

We believe in the power of connections, and every connection we make starts with our brain. The AI-Assistant can help streamline virtual neurological exams and save precious health care provider resources.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

The AI-assistant leverages deep learning to analyze components of the neuro exam.

Superhuman Precision

Superhuman Precision

Advanced pattern recognition to assist neurologists during non-emergency virtual visits.

Fast and Efficient

Fast and Efficient

Makes more time for meaningful conversations between doctors and patients.

Gamified Experience

Gamified Experience

Keeps long virtual neurological exams fun and engaging for patients.


Run remote neurological exams using the AI-Assistant.

The Virtual Exam platform provides seemless remote capabilities leveraging the power of articial intelligence. Run remote exams and make real-time decisions safely and precisely in a virtual setting.

check iconGlobal video call network with low-latency

check iconNo additional hardware required

check iconDeep insights into hard-to-notice details

check iconSelf-improving AI assistance

This is just the beginning. There's more.

Tele-health has become more important than ever before. Virtual neurological exams are just the beginning. AI-Assistant can be a powerful research tool to help gather, process and analyze neurological data.

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Join our journey in making neurological care accessible for everyone.

We are a team of doers.

A diverse team with a Neurologist, Business Leader, Data Scientist, Cognitive Psychologist, Software Engineer, UX Researcher, Creative and Product Leaders.

Dr. Sheela Toprani

Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, and Biophysics/Neural-Engineering @ Stanford Medicine.

Michael Olorunninwo

MS Management (Stanford); MS Computer Science (William Jessup), Consulting (KPMG), Technology Programs (Apple).

Dr. Simen Oestmo

PhD Anthropology, Arizona State University, Data Scientist with expertise in Artificial Intelligence.

Anne Milner

PhD Candidate, Cognitive Psychology (UC Santa Barbara).

Satya Sampathirao

MS Computer Science (SUNY Buffalo), Software Engineer.

Nupur Bindal

MS Human Computer Interaction (Michigan). BA Mathematics (Carleton College).

Janice Hu

High school senior and Violinist,   Creative Leader.

Talal Muzaffar

BS Computer Science (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences), Product Education Leader.

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